Seminars and Talks


Drones: ¿and where’s the pilot?


This talk explains how aerial robots work, what their possible applications are and about the work we are doing at the Laboratory of Robotics and Embedded Systems.
We’ll see how you can use sensors on drones to develop an autonomous navigation method based on
vision, and how to localize the robot while flying.
Finally, we tell you how you can do to build your own drone.

Computer Science Week 2013: “Flying robots: ¿what can they do nowadays?”


In this talk we will see a bit about flying robots and the work being done to them. In particular, we show the work done in the Laboratory, which allows a flying robot to learn and repeat a path, mainly using the sense of sight.


  • SLAM/Path-Planning and Control: this seminar is based on the on-line course “CS 373 Programming Robotic Car” taught by Sebastian Thrun. In this seminar the theoretical and practical concepts to understand the algorithms Location, demovimiento Planning, Control and SLAM are studied. These fundamental algorithms were used for programming the autonomous vehicle created by Stanford Racing Team Group of the Stanford University. [slides]